Personal Statement

Nabeela Hanif

Professor Alvarez

English 110

11 May 2012

A Dream Come True

When I was a little girl my father once held his temperate hands spawned across my outlook and explained to me that our fingers are all not the same size because no two things in life are alike and I have the inclination of making all my little dreams come true. All I really wanted was my dad to finger paint with me that day but instead he gave me a whole new perspective on my life; I have the ability to make my own future, regardless of life’s passings. Without even knowing it then, my father ‘s hand pointed me into the direction of law and politics which I now have  a passion for. I was never endowed with the hardest tests of faith in my eighteen years or faced with grievous experiences, but I am filled with blithe contentment to one day succeed in my ambitions.

The most rewarding opportunity in my years was being told, “I love you” by a complete stranger. She was forty-two years old and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I was delivering a food hamper to her and her mother as part of my volunteer services for a not-for profit organization, Amaana Hands. Here were two people so gracious to receive food because the government wouldn’t provide for them and it made my heart smile knowing I made a small yet happy difference in their life.  She cried hysterically when I had to leave and it made me conceive how fortunate I really am and how I take the little things for granted. I found my passion in helping others and wanted to generate this ability unto others.

As a member of the Students Activities Committee in Archbishop Molloy High School, I brought forth the idea of donating old dresses to girls who couldn’t afford one to make their night just as special as our occasions had been in those same dresses. My school collected 354 dresses and the feeling of accomplishment breath through me. Being a part of Student Council as well, I was part of a team that raised issues against the school administration fighting for the whole student body. We didn’t have utmost authority but knowing we gave it a try was worth all the arduous effort.  I took part of Indian Club because I never wanted to lose my roots and am thankful for being grounded in cultural values within my life. School has and will always be my number one priority because I know my education is one thing no one in the world  can take away from me.

Now at Queens College, I’ve chosen to major in Political Science with a concentration in law because one day I want to become a lawyer and defend all the impotent people in the world who cannot defend themselves.  I am looking forward to taking classes with Professor Riechl in American Local & State Government as well as Professor Allen’s course in Constitutional Law.  I have an interest in law for the most visceral reasons. In law, my petty unsubstantial problems do not exist. There are no dreams but only realities. There is no doctrine but only a right. Law concerns itself with blind justice and the maintenance of a fair system. I want to be the voice of the people no matter how different every walk of life can be. I remember my dad’s words with the length of our fingers and that drives me to stand out from the crowd and make a difference.

I gained much of my interest in politics when I volunteered to work for a Congressional political campaign back in 2010. It turned out to be more than I anticipated when I was mentored by lawyers from the firm the candidate, Asher Taub, worked at. I got to do plenty of field work that allowed me to capture local residents’ view on community issues and pursued them to vote for Asher Taub. I learnt it isn’t easy swaying people’s minds and being a new candidate on a ballot calls for utmost determination. I intertwined these aspects into my goal of becoming a lawyer one day. I know the journey won’t be easy but all my prior experiences will help me focus on my dreams and not fall through the cracks.

Currently, I am living a small portion of my dream landing a prodigious internship at the corporate office of a Science research company, Enzo Biochem. I am learning all about legal documents and international litigations while having the opportunity to work for some of the lawyers performing minuscule tasks. I see the hard work and dedication each case and science patent application takes and with the dreams I have, I want to be part of that conference table one day. Every step I take in life, I want to build upon my ultimate career trajectory without any limitations because above it all, I believe in myself and am willing to give my best shot at everything I do.

Just as my father’s hands showed me life has no limitations, I want to show the rest of the world that myself. I may only be one person but even the smallest difference can make this world a better place and a more fulfilling life for myself. No matter what paths I may cross or how different all people can be, I have a dream and one day, I will make it happen. I’d like to see myself become a General Counsel for a company one day and with my drive and sincerity I can achieve greatness and give back to the world just like I plan.

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  1. Nabeela, you have a wealth of volunteer experience here. One thing to enhance this, which is already specific, is to be just a bit more, mentioning neighborhoods (especially in Queens), your high school name, also make sure you say things like “Now at Queens College” and not just “Now at college . . . ”

    You have interests in politics, but also humanitarianism it sounds. I think in your intro paragraph, you need to mention something about how your dad’s hands (in some poetic way) pointed to your future in law and politics. Or something like that.

    I like all the merits you gave here, again, but think about being specific with courses you look forward to taking at QC, and also instructors you look forward to studying with. Very important to include because it shows your audience you’ve done some homework on your major.

    8 out of 8 points.

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