I enjoyed this course more than any other this semester. Class was always entertaining yet intriguing. I appreciated the bond the class formed throughout the months, something that doesn’t really exist in college classes. I learnt some valuable tools and gained much insight on topics I’ve never looked upon before. I can’t be more thankful for the showing the class PIE paragraphs. I feel like I have the tool to take me through college papers now. I just received my final research paper from Comparative Politics 103 and my professor even wrote on the paper, “Very well structured paragraphs, Nabeela.” This class is more than just an English 110 pre-requisite  for college. It allowed me to experience more than just reading through pages of a book because the students were allowed a greater voice and there was always an ambiance for learning without us even knowing it. There were exhilarating classroom discussions that kept me thinking and talking even outside the classroom. This is why this course took the title this year. I gained so much more than just working toward getting a grade in the end. I’ve never blogged before for a class and it turns out I really did enjoy it. It was quick, easy, and efficient. The essays were enjoyable for me to write and enhanced my knowledge of my own family, Queens College and the world around me. This class is great the way it is!


I chose to share this video because it explains the truth about why women are objectified due to the media of today. It shouldn’t be this way but the images in the social media today depicts the lives of so many young women. Confidence is key but how can it be when a young woman is always compared to a photoshopped model?

My merits include when I campaigned for a Congressional election in 2010, being a member of the Student Activities Committee in high school that organized all the big school events including prom, volunteering with a religious non-for-profit organization, Amaana Hands, to visit the sick and elderly religiously, being a member of Student Council all four years of high school, being an active member of  Indian Club all throughout high school, and landing an internship at  the executive office of a science research company, Enzo Biochem. These activities will help me be familiar with the political aspect of the community that I wasn’t aware of before as well as a great experience for my major in Political Science. It has also helped me to reach out to others and offer my assistance while developing my interpersonal skills. I’ve also been a participant in my school that shows my priority in school and determination to succeed one day.

I think this test just proved what this country teaches children from the days they begin playing with dolls to the days they from their own racist views. Since the first video stressed the white children and the white bias they have, I believe the parents are the biggest attributors to this proposition. White superiority in America is so strongly known and put in place that is shuns all other colors. Children don’t just think black children are dumb and bad for no reason, this all stems from somewhere. To prove that the parents must have a major involvement in this are the white children who took the test and had white neutral answers. If one little white girl can say I think all skin colors are beautiful and it doesn’t matter what skin tone you have, then the rest were taught racism while this particular little girl’s parents taught her the right thing. The black children in the second test who were biased against their own black race because that is the way the culture is embedded into society. The black children aren’t as biased as white children because they realize they aren’t the dominant race and it bothers them in ways that they are not sure how to answer them. In mainstream America, the culture puts way more emphasis on white children starting with the television shows to play toys. If all children see the white child being the focus in their favorite show and being the most popular doll to play with, it already sends the wrong message to them and racist views begin to form.

My favorite classes at Queens College so far have been Sociology 101 and Anthropology 101. I enjoyed Sociology because I learnt so much about culture, economy, human nature, and how they all connect in ways that have never been taught to me. There is a reason for every stereotype and social structure and sociology helped me understand some of the answers. In Anthropology, my professor was boring and I didn’t enjoy the boring lectures but when I sat down with my textbook and read it for myself, I discovered a whole other realm of cultures from what I’ve known my whole life living in the U.S. It was different from any history class because this subject focused on the people of a culture and how they lived through their time period. I learnt the extent of the difficulties millions of people face living in poor countries and what it means to not be able to have an education as a girl. I saw how different the cultures in the world, yet everyone crosses paths some way or another and this is what kept my interest in the subject.

My favorite classes in high school were Forensics, Public Speaking, and World Religions. I loved Forensics because I recently grew found of watching shows like Law and Order and NCIS, so this class taught me the real science behind it. I find fingerprinting to blood spatter very interesting and seeing how they relate to real crime scenes that flood our reality. Public Speaking was not only fun but helped me in speaking eloquently in front of crowds. I was never afraid to speak in front of people so the class was enjoyable for me while at the same time I learnt the proper way to carry out a speech. World Religions intrigued me from the start to even sign up for the class because I always wanted to learn about what other people believe in. I gained an understanding of religions that I knew nothing of before and that helped me connect with people of different faith and even impress them on how I know so much about their religion.

Since I plan on declaring my major in Political Science to lead me up to law, I’ve become so immersed in the major and look forward to taking the required classes. Next semester I plan on taking Comparative Politics 103 with Professor David Siegel because I’ve learnt so much about American politics that I want to know the politics that exist outside of this country for a change.

I believe this video speaks the truth about what goes on in many different cultures across America, and in this particular case the Native American tribes. The children don’t know what their real culture is made up of so they follow what they see all around them inhibiting acts of violence, drugs, and sex. Mainstream American culture makes these acts permissible but not to the values of the Indian tribes. I think that the reality of these tribal colleges supporting thirty tribes is a great way to continue the tradition and success of Native Americans todays. They deserve every right that every other American is entitled to. Their lifestyle isn’t that easy to make it to the top and the tribal colleges offer the opportunity for many young adults to build themselves and reach their full potential. The bright young Indians that remain on their reservations to help flourish their community now and for the days to come are doing a tremendous job at preserving the culture in ways that are even unknown to them. The remaining Native American tribes in this country isn’t made up in great numbers and these young folks gaining an education will make way for a brighter future for themselves as well as their culture. These young men and women will be the future successors of tomorrow.

My major at Queens College is Political Science and possibly a minor in English. I’m into my second course within this field and I do enjoy the classes and the structure of criteria that I learn from it. The career that I want to pursue is to become a lawyer in the future. I became interested in law from taking Criminal Justice and Forensics in high school that sparked my interest with the legal aspects of our world. I became engrossed with shows such as Law and Order: SVU and NCIS and I love the jobs that are curtailed within these fields. I also want to find a passion in life and pursuing law as my career will heighten my self confidence as well.The starting salary for an entry position as an attorney is $47,000, while an average New York lawyer earns $145,000. The money does influence me but the job seems fascinating to me as well.









Queens College is a great school for a CUNY, but as always, improvements and adjustments would never hurt to make the institution more beneficial for students. There are many aspects of the campus life and academic levels that could be altered. I think that parking should be free for the students and the school should build another level of parking in the main lot to provide more space for other students. Not only is QC around residential area but also there are so many other kids scoping for the same parking spots. I also think that more places need to be built for studetn recreations. Our school is so big and during midday, there are hundreds of kids on campus trying to get seats in the Student Union and QC Cafe. This will make our campus more enjoyable and accomodating for all its students. Also, I think this campus is really dark in the night time and it doesn’t seem that safe to walk alone. Our school should invest in bright flood lights positioned through out the campus opposed to the solar lights that are presently there that provide no sense of light for the students. In terms of the social aspect of campus life, I feel like QC should have more concerts and events on the quad for us. It’s a great way to bring about school spirit, which this school has no ounce of, and it’s relaxing for the students here as well. Another thing that could use some renovations is the food they serve here on campus. It’s quite unappetizing for the most part! If they’re going to charge us $10.00 for a meal, it should be up to par with our tastebuds. In terms of academics, there should be more majors here since the school is so large anyway and I don’t see the purpose of taking so many General Education requirements before you get into your major. Another big one that bothers me a lot is the fact that QC has so many professors that don’t speak proper English because they have such strong accents. It becomes a barrier to learning and a waste of time going to class when you can’t fully understand your teacher and on top of that, the department head not really caring about your concerns. I’ve come across some very rude faculty that work here and I think that QC should send them to classes to be courteous and patient with the students here. That’s there job and if they don’t like it then they should be asked to leave it.  Other than those few main ideas, I think the experience here is left up to the students to make the best of it.

I don’t give college ratings much importance because every person’s experience is different from the next. Ratings can either come from higher institutions or from present college students themselves and to me it doesn’t make a difference. I won’t believe something more just because a prestigious affiliation like the CollegeBoard said Drexel University is top tier school for social life. In class, we’ve read ratings of Queens College by students who both loved and hated it here. I ageed with some while the others I thought were a bit too hostile. So the total sum of college ratings is equal to everyone’s opinions and that isn’t detrimental to me because my liking would be different from everyone else’s as well. For example, in the summer of junior year of high school I went to visit Hofstra University to see if I liked it. I went there with great expectations and a mindset that it would be great but once the tour was over, I crossed that school off my list because I didn’t like the atmosphere there. It was beautiful and all but just not to my likings. College ratings don’t mean much because they’re all generated opinions from people who either love or hate the institution.

I think some schools are more competitive than others mainly because of the academic standard they hold. They become competitive in terms of who gets accepted into them. Most of the time, this means these schools are more expensive to attend because they want to keep the wealth within the school and earn the name as an elitist school. Other schools like Queens College aren’t competitive because there still has to be colleges that exist to fit in all the other not so smart and wealthy people. These schools tend to be cheaper and basically have a lower standard to get into.

My experience with competition in schooling would be getting into my high school. It is known to be one of the top Catholic high schools in New York City and getting in there was tough. I worked really hard in middle school but I felt the pressure in eighth grade when I had to take the TACHS test for Catholic schools admission. I took weekend classes to help me prepare because both me and my parents wanted me to go there more than any other high school. Thankfully, it all paid off because I was one of the 400 students to get accepted in the first round.

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